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General Manager Speech

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Dear employees:
Welcome to join Shenzhen Shichuang Technology Co., Ltd. We will try our best to provide you with a harmonious and pleasant working environment, give you full trust and support, constantly improve communication and understanding between each other, so that you can quickly integrate into the team.
The company's aim is "to determine the trade-off by morality, to determine the position by ability, to contribute to the fixed salary". This means that between ability and morality, we pay more attention to personality, which is the cornerstone of your foothold in the company.
Of course, it is not enough to pass the customs only in morality. What we need is talents with both ability and morality. This means that you need not only higher professional skills, but also continuous progress and efforts to meet the needs of the company's continuous development. Only in this way can you have a broader development space.
The company advocates water culture, and hopes to accommodate it with the mind of the sea, to absorb and absorb all its advantages. Hope that the staff, like drops of water, will not be disturbed when they sink into the sea, and their kinetic energy will swing to the bottom of the ocean, blooming their own brilliance in the majesty of the sea.
The company strives to be at the forefront of the times, seeking innovation, change and development is our way of doing things. We ask employees not to follow the old ways, not to remain unchanged, to create constantly in the development, in the creation of continuous development. At the same time, seeking change is only a means, not a goal. We must abide by some ancient moral laws, such as honesty, diligence, orderliness and obedience.
There will be many difficulties and challenges on our way forward, and we need to take the road of collective struggle. Ancient cloud: "Give people roses, hand fragrance." Treating others with tolerance and kindness will eventually reward yourself. What's more, the colleagues who work side by side should be more closely united, trust each other and work together to meet the challenges.
The company has not been established for a long time and Pepsi is awaiting development. There may be many problems, which will cause you a lot of confusion. However, we have good customer resources, a United team, and most importantly, our management has the courage to analyze themselves. So please believe that all the confusion is only temporary, all the difficulties are only tempering for you, your destiny is always in your hands.
A hard work and a harvest, I hope you can display your intelligence in the company, down-to-earth work, with the company, into a better tomorrow!
General Manager: Pan Weixiang

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