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Process capability

project category Conventional ability Ultimate ability project category Conventional ability Ultimate ability
Number of finished boards Soft board 1-4 floors 6floors Surface treatment Electroplated nickel gold Plated gold:Ni:2-6um,Au: 0.05-0.015um  
Soft and hard board 3-4floors 8floors Thick gold plating:NI:2-12um,Au:0.25-2.5um  
Product size Imposition size Ordinary board maximum:250*450mm Multilayer board:250*380 250*520mm Nickel gold Ni:2-6um,Au:0.025-0.1um  
Minimum:250*180mm   Silk screen Minimum line width of text 0.11mm  
Single pcs maximum size 240*500mm   Minimum height of text 0.8mm  
Single pcs minimum size 5*5mm   Character offset tolerance ±0.3mm 0.2mm(Printing)
Multilayer board maximum thickness 0.40mm 0.45mm Solder mask Ink thickness tolerance ±5um  
Multilayer board minimum thickness 0.18mm 0.15mm Solder solder bridge minimum width 0.12mm  
Double panel maximum thickness 0.25mm   Alignment tolerance ±0.05mm ±0.04mm
Double panel minimum thickness 0.11mm   Assembly FR4/adhesive paper/steel sheet/PI Machine sticker±0.1mm  
Single panel maximum thickness 0.18mm   Hand stickers±0.2mm  
Single panel minimum thickness 0.05mm   Shape Dimensional tolerance Precision mold:±0.05mm  
Soft and hard bond board hard plate area maximum thickness 1.0mm   Ordinary mode:±0.075mm  
Soft and hard bonding board hard board area minimum thickness 0.16mm   Etching die:±0.125mm  
Finished plate thickness tolerance ±0.03mm, or ±10% of the plate thickness (take the maximum of both)   Line to board edge minimum distance Car 0.3mm, ordinary board 0.2mm, multi-layer board 0.2mm Ordinary board0.15mm
Drilling Maximum aperture 6.5mm   Product electrical performance Test voltage 200v  
Minimum aperture 0.1mm   Insulation test resistance 10-20MΩ  
Through hole pad minimum 0.3mm 0.25mm Conduction test impedance ≦50Ω  
Drilling tolerance ±0.025mm   Finished board impedance Differential impedance tolerance±10%  
Target rush Target punching aperture tolerance ±0.02mm   Characteristic impedance±10%  
Target punch position tolerance ±0.025mm   Ground resistance≦3Ω  
Copper thickness Bottom copper thickness Maximum 3oz (105um, wireless charging)   Product physical properties Solder test 265±5°C, time 3 seconds, over 90% of tin area  
Minimum:1/3oz(12um) 1/4oz(Use 1/3oz to reduce copper) Thermal shock test 288±5°C, time 10 seconds 3 times, no delamination and blistering  
Hole copper uniformity Independent hole ±5um, whole plate hole ±4um   Peel strength ≧1.0kgf/cm  
Copper uniformity ±3um   Adhesion test Stick to the coating with 3m600 tape, stand still for 10 seconds, pull up at 90 degrees, no drop off  
Hole wall thickness ≧8um   SMT Chip device Machinable minimum size resistance, capacitance, inductance 01005  
Line Minimum line width 0.05/0.05mm(1/3oz) 0.035/0.035mm(1/4oz) BTB connector Machinable minimum Pitch BTB device 0.35mm  
Line width tolerance Line width≧0.06mm:±0.02mm(1/3oz)   ZIF connector Machinable minimum Pitch ZIF device 0.35mm  
Line width<0.06mm:±0.0125mm(1/3oz) ±0.01mm(1/3oz) LGA Machinable minimum Pitch LGA device 0.35mm  
Pad tolerance ±0.03mm ±0.02mm QFN Machinable minimum Pitch QFN device 0.35mm  
Line to shape tolerance ±0.2mm ±0.15mm Partial deviation accuracy ±0.04mm  
Through hole ring width Minimum0.1mm Minimum0.075mm Dispensing ability Minimum size of overflow<0.5mm  
(cover film)
Window size tolerance ±0.075mm(Steel mold) ±0.05mm(Precision mold and laser engraving) Minimum height control of the device surface after wrapping the device<0.1mm  
Opening window minimum opening size 0.5mm   Solder paste printing thickness ±0.03mm  
Minimum distance from side to side 0.5mm 0.4mm        
Fit tolerance ±0.15mm ±0.1mm(Expensive)        
Overflow size ≦0.15mm          

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