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The development and growth of Shenzhen Chichuang Jieyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. depends on the diligence, wisdom and responsibility of every employee. The company loves talented people like treasure, regardless of their arrival, educational background and age, all provide you with a stage to display their talents. The company will select and employ all kinds of talents regardless of their qualifications. The company fully implements the modern management system, requiring rigorous, fair and impartial style of work. At the same time, it encourages employees to practice and innovate scientifically. We sincerely look forward to your joining!
I. Several Sales Engineers
1. Men and women are not limited. College degree or above is acceptable for fresh graduates.
3. Skillful use of various office software;
4. Experience in industrial electronic products is preferred.
5. Happy personality, strong sense of responsibility, strong desire to sell;
2. One Foreign Trade Business (Receiving Graduates)
1. Limited to women, 20-30 years old, college degree or above, proficient in English, fluent in listening, speaking and writing, CET-6 or above;
2. Familiar with the procedures of foreign trade business and accepting overseas business trips;
3. Skillful use of various office software;
4. Strong business negotiation ability, open-minded personality and strong sense of responsibility, can maintain good customer relationship;
3. One Accountant
1. Limited to women, 20-28 years old, junior college degree or above in finance and accounting, holding accounting qualification certificate;
2. Over 1 year cost experience in manufacturing industry;
3. Experience in PCB factory or electronics industry is preferred.
4. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills;
We can give you:
Rapid growth environment, broad development space;
Open and fair promotion standards and channels;
Passionate entrepreneurial atmosphere + excellent team management;
High-quality training: a set of internal training + executive sharing + team communication;
A generous and reasonable salary;
Contact information: 0755-23700815

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