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The company has always been committed to the implementation of humanized management, with an open, democratic and equal attitude as the management principle, focusing on caring for and caring for employees. Internal training and learning opportunities are given to employees, and the system of free movement and internal promotion is implemented. Employees can participate in open competition with their strength to obtain better jobs and higher treatment. The company also provides employees with rich and colorful activities to enrich their amateur cultural life, such as monthly birthday party, sports competition, tourism, Festival gifts, Mid-Autumn Festival party and various skills competitions. As long as you have special skills, you will show your stage!
Clothes: The company provides workers'clothes, shoes and other labor insurance supplies.
Food: The company canteen has lunch, dinner and supper.
Residence: According to different grades, there are staff dormitories, staff dormitories, single rooms and suites, separate bathrooms and bathrooms, hot water supply all day.
Insurance: To buy social security for employees on entry.

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