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Backlight board (car+phone backlight)

Product lamination: CVL+double-sided substrate+CVL surface treatment: deposited nickel gold; Features of electric nickel gold products: It is light, thin, and resistant to bending. The line width and distance can reach 0.045mm. Product purpose: It is used on various electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and various communication devices for backlighting


Backlight board (car+phone backlight)



Product stacking: CVL+double-sided substrate+CVL

Surface treatment: sinking nickel gold; Electronickel gold

Product features: It is lightweight and resistant to bending, with a line width and distance of 0.045mm

Product Usage: Used on various electronic products with backlight cables, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and various communication devices


Committed to the production and manufacturing of high-precision double-sided, multi-layer, soft hard combination boards, and special printed circuit boards, we specialize in serving high-tech enterprises and scientific research units at home and abroad. The product covers products such as 1-8 layers of multi-layer boards, buried blind hole boards, 30Z thick copper plates, and car backlight. The company has a vibrant, professional and technically experienced production and management team. We are a professional circuit board manufacturer with advanced automated production lines and testing equipment both domestically and internationally, complete equipment, strict management, and excellent quality.


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